The Pizzas You Always Remember!!

Bel's Place Pizza Cafe offer authentic thin crust pizza, dedicated to the Brisbane’s colorful history. Its location near the stunning beaches, rugged scenery and nice surf make the space popular with walkers, surfers and holidaymakers. Since we started, we have been one of the best Australian pizza bars preparing our thin crust pizza from scratch when you order it.

We still utilize stone hearth ovens. That is one of the reasons our best garlic pizzas are worth the wait! We pride ourselves in offering you the most delicious pizza cuisine, with salads, sandwiches and special beef menu as we value your patronage. We are highly acclaimed about our tasty history, and community involvement.

With the passion for quality also comes a complete dedication to value - to deliver exceptional ingredients and the best pizzas specialties at a value that everyone will enjoy as much as the Pizza itself. The ambiance and unpretentious location are definitely well worth visiting and as we are the best kid friendly restaurant in Brisbane, you will have an extremely good time with your children. We have a passion for the quality and space, providing a fun-filled evening to all the diners.

The atmosphere at this delicious food cafe is entertaining and lively, and the kitchen embraces the relation amid the valued guests and professional staff. Bel's Place Pizza Cafe want their brand to be one which our clients can bank on for the finest quality fast food, rightly priced and always delivered with exceptional customer service.

We are proud of our friendly team and believe that our motivated and skilled staff will deliver the best in service to all of our customers each and every time they visit.

We desire to go beyond the average pizza shop.